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Your best friend deserves the best care. GENRIC Pet Insurance helps you pay for unexpected costs. So if your pets have an accident or become ill, your first thoughts can be about their care, not your budget. The options that are available to you are:

  1. Essential - Consultations only. Covers all costs not related to in-hospital treatment

  2. Accident Only - Accident only medical expenses

  3. Hospital only - Accident & illness in-hospital medical expenses only

  4. Comprehensive Medical Expenses Only - Accident & illness medical expenses

  5. Comprehensive Medical Expenses Plus - Accident & illness medical expenses PLUS extended cover

Available cover/options:

  • All accidents and illnesses

  • Routine Care

  • Prescription medication

  • Dental cover (basic)

  • Boarding fees

  • Multiple pet discounts

  • Alternative/Complimentary treatments

  • Specialist treatments

  • No breed exclusion

  • Double-up option

This is not a medical aid.

GENRIC Pet Insurance is administered and underwritten by GENRIC Insurance Company Limited (FSP43638)

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